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Our target is to promote Turkish Steel Sector to the World.

Our target is to promote Turkish Steel Sector to the World.
02 Eylül 2019 - 22:35

Steel Exproters Assosiation  which is one of seven assosiations under the general secretary of  İstanbul Mining and Metal Exproters Assosiations, works in order to increase exporting potential of Turkish Steel sector and to gain sustainable  competition power in global stage. Steel Exporters Assosiation  which determines to promote  Turkish steel sector to the World and to enhance  market share  as primary target , also serves to it’s members for making products in the form of avaliable type and quality  and for solving problems of exporters. We talked to the president of Steel Exporters Assosiation  about export numbers in first half of 2019, where exports are being done to, what it shuold be done for increasing export and targets of 2019 second half .

What are the numbers of steel export in 2019?

In the first half of 2019 year,according to same period of last year, while  steel export of Turkey is rising  to 10,8 tons by 15,2% increase, sector’s  export  arrived  to 7,2 bilion USD by 1,5% increase in the base of value.

Which countries do you export most?

The product which is achieved most export  in the first 6 months of 2019 year, is steel by 2,7 milion tons. When we look at sorting of countries that we export  most; we can say that Yemen (521000 tons),  Israel (385000 tons) and  Singapore (191000 tons) became prominent.

Our sector’s  import rate is 5,2 milion ton in the first 5 months of 2019. We can sort the counrties which we import most in this period, are Russia (2 milion tons), Ukrain (440000 tons) and France (268000 tons).

What sould be done for more exporting?

The most threating element for our sector is protective precautions implemented in global dimension. Turkish steel sector which is Turkey’s fourth biggest industry, should be freed  from protective precautions in order to increase the export.

Demonisation of existing protective precautions which doesn’t get along with World Trade Organization, is our greatest expectation. We ,as Turkis Steel sector, are side with that every country which export steel,  should be in the game by means of  fairness and equality.  Therefore we are sustaining  our legal struggle. However we sustain to seeking new market places regardless of the countries which we lost because of kotas and taxes. We attempt to enhance our export within the contex of sectoral trade committees and URGE projects.

We will go on finding new alternative  ways and markets by not giving up in the face of  systematic and instant problems.

What are the export target numbers for 2019 year?

We foresee that 2019 year –end export of Turkish Steel Sector which has lost and shrinkage in many export market because of protective precautions , would become around 21 milion tons.


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