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Healthy nutrition app SIX2FIT by Saman Kharazmi enters Turkish market

Healthy nutrition app SIX2FIT by Saman Kharazmi enters Turkish market
02 Eylül 2022 - 14:47

Healthy nutrition app SIX2FIT enters Turkish market Canadian entrepreneur Saman Kharazmi, who recently updated the SIX2FIT application in Turkish, opposes people trying to change the shape of their bodies with the wrong exercise plans when looking at the trends of influencers.

We talked to Canadian Entrepreneur Saman Kharazmi about SIX2FIT stepping into the Turkish market.

– What exactly is SIX2FIT?

Many famous people change the shape of their bodies through surgery, and other people falsely try to force themselves to have the same shape.

We have developed the professionally programmed special application SIX2FIT for healthy living for each client. We oppose the unhealthy programs of the fashion world for people.

Every body has a unique working system, exercise and diet planning should only be done according to the real needs of each person. With a professional plan, each person should have the best shape of their own body. It’s healthy just to have it right, otherwise people will have a lot of problems as they age.

– I guess you just took a new step to the Turkish market?

Yes, we have recently added Turkish to our application. It’s not just about the language, it’s also about the food culture, so every country has a special menu. We recommend including Turkish food to make it easier for users to maintain a simple diet in SIX2FIT.

– How does your system work? What kind of service do you provide?

Our system is based on a careful and detailed one-on-one program designed for each person, based on a personal program. In other words, we design an exercise program and nutrition plan according to everyone’s needs, our success in a short time depends on not using a ready-made plan for everyone and our application is not based on a program, we write it.

– Can you talk a little bit about the nutrition system you have established?

Our nutrition and meal plan has a concept of having a lot of options to eat on a daily schedule depending on what you like to eat, what you want and your food culture. We analyze your food culture according to the foods in your country, so you can always have the best meal, go out to dinner with your friends and still go on a diet because you’ll find something on the menu that fits your schedule. So the plan is easy, always delicious and always available. Our first question when writing your program is which food do you like? This is our magic to keep you satisfied with your diet program. Also, you eat all the time during the day and you don’t go hungry. You will not suffer with us.

– How is the nutrition program you established different from other existing programs?

As I mentioned before, we are not a group with a ready-made plan like the others, we get your details, we examine your country’s needs and your food culture, we examine your body and your dreams and then we write the program according to the person, this is our big difference. We offer workout plans based on your body designed for you. For example, if you have mobility problems, you are safe with us because we take care of all the details.

– What is included in the VIP service?

In our VIP program I talk to the client in person and follow the whole process, this is mostly like when you have an instructor in person, usually online or here in Toronto. Socustomers are in contact with me personally.

– Why Turkey?

My system is an international system, we have some languages ​​in the program, we also have Turkish recently because we realized that Turkey has recently started to pay more attention to exercise systems and diet plans than before, we examine and see the world. It’s a big move for Turkey’s younger generations, I’m very happy for this nation. You’re starting to be more mindful of the details of your body, which is great. And we started to receive language and experts from Turkey. We worked on the culture and food culture of the country. It is incredible to share this system with Turkey. I like the improvement in my Turkish customers.

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